30 November 2011

Humpday Hardware goes cowboy

Ok... been promising this for months now. Unfortunately, I did NOT get pics of Spoon actually holding her pieces: too much life going on right now (will post about that later)

Anyway... before we got involved in BACA, Spoon and I had discovered the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. For those unaware, this is a game where you dress up in your best approximation of Olde West Garb, and see how fast you can miss a set of targets. It's played with two single action pistols, a lever or pump action rifle, and one of a limited number of shotgun designs (all pre 1899 designs)...

We never got a chance to get too involved: our BACA chapter got started shortly after that, and our finances got screwy around the same time. To the point that my cowboy pistols got sold (the very last guns I ever sold). But the plan has always been to get involved with that sport again.

We had already picked up Spoon's first pistol before then: an American Western Arms Longhorn.

The funny story with this pistol is, it's her second one. Took the first one to the range, and it locked up tight on her: part of the frame behind the cylinder had broken. But they made it right almost instantly, so good on AWA

The second pistol was actually provided by a friend for her Christmas present last year (and I still owe him on it: I haven't forgotten, bro). It's an Uberti Peacemaker knockoff:

My frined Matt was looking to get rid of it (and a side by 12 ga), and we talked about it. The fun of this one was the gunstore employee who claimed he had shipped it, but didn't: that caused a LOT of fun on both ends.

So here they are: my wife's pair of single action slugthrowers

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