23 November 2011

Pimpin' ain't easy

Many moons ago, a reporter asked Patton about his pearl-handled pistol. His response has become somewhat legendary: "Only a New Orleans pimp, would carry a pearl-handled gun."

Ummm... sorry, general


I had picked up Smitty a few years back, wanting a .357 in the locker. When I bought him, he had oversize Pachmyer grips, which didn't fit my tiny paws all that well. Over the next year or so, I spent lots of time looking for a good set of grips that fit my hand. Various rubber grips were tried, none felt right. And when I considered the idea of keeping him in my colors, they got worse.

Then came the Fon du lac gunshow, and a table that had all KINDS of grips. I was hoping for a nice set of smooth wood. Instead, I found what you see on him.

He's a Smith 19-5, with a 2" bbl. Shoots well, and carries ok in either of the rigs pictured. I'm hoping to replace both with a Flatjack from Dragonworks Leather, debating between the Gadsden inlay, or stingray with eye. And finances to be a lil' better...


And no, really, next week Spoon will cowboy up!

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