28 November 2011

New Feature

Ok... gotten back into Humpday Hardware (honest, Spoon WILL be goin' cowboy tomorrow). And suddenly, another possible feature presents itself: The Tuesday Drunk Barrista. Some background...

A friend of mine is a barrista at the local java joint. And he's a... colorful... character. Who, when he goes out on weekends, has been known to spout some priceless lines. Or find himself in priceless situations. We'll call him John.

Now... John is a gay liberal. But I'm a tolerant soul. And I've talked several friends into aiding and abetting, by reporting back whatever humor happens when I'm not along.


So I got invited along this weekend past. There's only the four of us guys, and discussions are wide ranging. Including discussion of John's visit to the submarine (I STILL haven't gotten all the details, but he often says "so I desecrated a national monument"). As the night goes on, the discussion turns to child support, and the ridiculus levels some men are made to pay.

John, swaying slightly, proclaims quite loudly "well, if some guy knocked me up, I would want to be getting some scratch from him!". We all just sorta looked at him, before busting out laughing...


So that's the start... I have a few stories saved up, for the rare weekend they don't go out. And y'all can read about it every tuesday!

1 comment:

Peter said...

If someone knocked him up, he'd make so much scratch from the medical journals that child support would pale into insignificance by comparison!