16 December 2009

Some guys have all the luck

Jay G made a simple, off-hand comment here. Which resulted in this, then this, and now this. Of course, I'm omitting the range reports and suchlike, but still.

How come I can't get that kinda response from a company? Oh, yeah... need to post more.


Yes, I'm jealous of Jay: not so much at his good fortune, but because I am NEVER going to get that kind of response. I'm just not a big enough name. However, Humpday Hardware WILL be back, posting again sometime after noon tomorrow. This time, something a bit historical... ;)

1 comment:

Jay G said...

Wait - does this mean I'm a big name??? I mean, I used to be a big guy, but that was before I started my blog... ;)

Thanks for the kind words, Strings. I'd like to think I've worked pretty hard for my demo products (and I have much more to do, too); it's not all just blind stinkin' luck (although like my dad always says, I'd rather be lucky than good...)