16 December 2009

Humpday Hardware: Service Revolver

Ok, got distracted. I really am trying to make this a regular feature. and at least I actually got it out while it was still wednesday (barely)...


One of the many gunnie arguments that infects the interwebs is age old: revolver or autoloader. At one point though, there WAS no argument: if you wanted a pistol, it was a revolver.

Up to 1911, the US government used revolvers of various sorts: the famous Colt SAA, The S&W Schofield, and the Colt 1892. And that's the subject of today's post.


The Colt 1892 was the first revolver with a swing-out cylinder, and is a design that was carried forward until they finally discontinued the Python in 2004. This example is a 1901: planning on checking the serial number to get date of manufacture at some point in the future.

It came into my hands fairly recently: a friend was looking for Christmas money, and decided to sell this piece, along with a factory sealed box of original ammo for it. When I saw the box, I about flipped: it's going on GunBroker now.

Trigger is smooth, although the double-action pull is a bit stiff. Single action, she breaks like a glass rod. Haven't had a chance to get her to the range yet, although that'll be happening in January.

Finish is about what you'd expect from such an old gun, although the bore looks fairly clean. Grips are in fairly decent shape, although I'm pretty sure they're aftermarket.

The ammo, just blew me away: stamped May 5 1913, and still wrapped in cellophane. Going to be interesting to see what it fetches on GunBroker!

This was also the last of the US Military revolvers as a standard sidearm: the 1901 (and later 1903) were the guns that were used (and which failed) in the Philippines and led to the adoption of the Model 1911 .45 Automatic.

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