05 December 2009

Natalie Portman: are you paying attention?

Ok... here's one for the celeb watchers.

Although she doesn't directly say it herself, in a blog entry at HuffPo, this paragon of virtue (and bad prequels) spouts off with a quote:

"He posits that consideration…which has more to do with being polite to your tablemates than sticking to your own ideals, would be absurd if applied to any other belief (e.g., I don't believe in rape, but if that's what it takes to please my dinner hosts, then so be it)."

Bold mine.

So... you could presume from this, that Ms Portman is against rape (as she is against eating animals). After all, she casts them in a similar light.


Scroll down to "Edit: new names".

Yep: she's signed herself onto the "Free Roman Polanski" BS.

So... let's connect the dots.

Eating meat = rape
Being a Hollyweird bigwig = rape is ok
Being a Hollyweird bigwig = eating meat is ok

Everyone got that?

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