09 April 2009

Multiple good things (for once)

So... it's been a good week aboard the Privateer. In multiple ways...


Obviously, got my computer working again. When Windoze got lobotomized, I decided to try Ubuntu. So far, I have to say I like it...


With the return of warmer weather, has come the return of two-wheeled transportation. This has been a mixed thing of late: haven't been able to replace the infamous Hondapotomus yet. To make matters worse, she would NOT start, not for anything. However, replace the battery, and she's again on the road (which makes Spoon happy: means I'm not stealing HER scoot anymore).


Something to file under "News of the Unexpected": a couple years back, I taught Nancy (my mom-in-law) to shoot a handgun. This last few weeks, she decided she had to "prove she was serious about it": she went out and took (and passed) the NRA Basic Handgun Course. Came as a supprise to me: she's a good shot, but I had no clue that she was taking the class. And she's already considering the idea of concealed carry (if we ever get it in this Gawdsforesaken state)...


Now maybe, just MAYBE, we're off the rocks and can start sailing forward again!

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