30 September 2008

Experiments with Open Carry: rd 1

Ok... so, a couple weeks ago, I decided to start experimenting with open carry. Now in Wisconsin, OC is perfectly legal, but heavily frowned on. Not to mention difficult, since having a loaded gun in a vehicle is considered "improper transport of a firearm"...

Anywho... Spoon & I normally go for a walk every night: good exercise, and good for discussion. Couple Sundays ago, I added my S&W model 19 to my belt, along with a couple speedloaders (I refuse to carry a gun without reloads). So y'all understand, I wore it at roughly 11 o'clock, so it was right there in front of Gawd and ever'body.

Now, for anyone who has paid attention to the "debate" about open carry, you should be expecting a story of my arrest and subsequent charges of "Endangering the Public", "Disturbing the Peace", or other similar misdeeds. Unfortunately, I would have to file such a story under "fiction".

Even though I made a point of talking to a couple officers, NOTHING HAPPENED. Honestly, I don't think anyone (at all) noticed the revolver on my hip. For four nights running.

When my shoulder improves (do NOT want to deal with any issues until my right clavicle is again "bone" instead of "pieces"), I think I'll switch over to the pearl grips (yeah, go ahead and laugh: they're comfortable) and try the experiment again. If that doesn't get a response after a week, I think I'll just have to start calling BS on the "dangers of OC"...

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