28 October 2008


Yep... there's been a few changes here on the Privateer, pretty much all for the good. Unfortunately, that makes for light posting...

First off, we're in new berthing: Spoon and I moved out of where we were (which I'm going to say as little about as possible) into a new apartment. Not completely moved in yet: we've been remodeling as we go. Should be finished within the first couple weeks of November.

We've also managed to pick up a pair of new long boats for non-riding weather: Spoon's in a nice Honda Accord (the "mom-mobile"), while I've regressed and picked up a '92 Eclipse (affectionately called "Bitchy", and wearing a "ticket-me-red" wrapper). No word yet on a new bike: going to be looking this winter, since I want to start the riding season on a new scoot.

BACA goes well: FINALLY bringing this state into compliance. Granted, there's been some kicking and screaming, but we're getting there.

Work's going... if my partner & I can ever get rid of the owner, we're sitting on a gold mine. Unfortunately, the owner wants us t dig thew mine with sandbox shovels.

Staying out of the political stuff: just want it frelling over. Been installing restraints and such in the handbasket, so maybe the trip down will be a lil' safer...

More later...

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