27 September 2008

current events

I had a great series of posts I was gonna run about the supposed evils of open carry, and my experiment therein: spent a good portion of the last week OCing my .357. Unfortunately, that has to be put on hold.

Was getting ready to regale y'all with the joys of moving into the new apartment. Although the move's gonna happen, I'm not gonna be all that involved in it.

Today, while playing in a charity capture the flag tournament, I went ass-over-teakettle. Resulting in one of the cleanest broken clavicles ever seen.

Hopefully, I'll be speaking to a surgeon this week about getting screwed. But it looks like the riding season is over for me this year.

Posting will continue to be light: this one-handed stuff sucks. But I'll try and keep y'all updated...


Kate said...


I'm so sorry to hear you're broken!!!

Keep us updated as you can.

Medicmarch. said...

re: one handed stuff sucks.

Yeah, especially my love life!