29 November 2007

A Call to Action

Ok... I know the three of you like AD and all. He's been writing a novel, and publishing it a chapter at a time. Unfortunately, he posted the last one on 27 October.

I know he's a busy man, but this just ain't nice. He's got LOADS of us just hanging there!

So... I'd like to make a modest proposal. We need to find a pink gorilla (a suit would be perfect, but a small stuffed animal would work fine). Then someone needs to get an address on AD, and get the thing delivered (with a card signed "From the fans of Star of Life").

What do y'all think? Might he get the message? >:)


Ambulance Driver said...

Okay, I'll post a chapter this weekend, ya big baby.

Jeez, a guy puts a project on the back burner so he can, you know, pay for shelter and food, and his readers get all antsy...;)

Strings said...

That's fine, bro. I've still got folks out looking for a pink gorilla...

If you're a good boy, and don't wimp out on us, I'll find a way of having it delivered to Law Dog... ;)

Babs said...

Heh. He'll be here in a couple of weeks. You want I should add a stuffed pink gorilla to my Christmas shopping list?

Of course I got no room to talk. He's staying on *me* about my portion of the newest installation of Perspectives. But I'm busy!! ;)