31 October 2007

Via Matt G at Better and Better

Matt G is someone I admire: cop and dad, he does two of the toughest jobs out there. What I never realized was, his mom was in a similarly tough job... and sometimes writes about it.

So Matt links her. And I, being the type I am, check out her entry "Have You Hugged Your Kid Today?".

If you haven't read it yet, go read it now. This hits close to home for me, due to BACA. Which brings me to "Why hasn't Strings been posting?"

See... I've gotten a bit burnt out. Between the Neverending Jobhunt, the political issues in Cheeseland, and other assorted BS, I've been draggin'. Latest has been BACA: WAY too many folks that will say how great our organization is, and what a great idea, and then never show up. Or folks that are supposed to be members, but not fulfilling their obligations. And, this past weekend, people just flat-out missing the meeting.

I was ready to quit: hang up my colours and go do something else. What Matt's mom wrote there relit the fire.

Go... read it. Kids are our future. And, if things like this keep up, we don't HAVE one.


CrankyProf said...

Crap like that makes me want to beat certain people into a fine-ground paste.

DW said...

Job hunt? what are your skills and backround? Can you pass an all encompassing security check?