13 October 2007

Something I need input on...

So... I'm talking with Spoon today, and the idea is brought up of me giving her posting ability here. Make the HMS Privateer more democratic, with more of the crew able to talk to y'all directly.

I'll be honest, this idea scares me. Not as much as, say, the idea of Tamara irritated with me, but still.

So what do y'all think: would hearing from spoon occasionally be a good thing?


Kate said...

Since I don't know Spoon, it's hard for me to say.

But, if you want an opinion, then I have to say from my perspective, I'd rather see spouses have their own blogs and not share. Sometimes the edges blur when a couple are both commenting on the same blog and I think it makes people uneasy sometimes.

Just my two cents worth!

Mr. Fixit said...


I get the idea from reading that this blog is about your interests, and from your own perspective.

I guess if you were blogging only about BACA, kind of a news update type blog, then other authors wouldn't change the message.
But I know you blog about personal stuff too, such as your mom.

I suppose I agree with Kate, Suggest Spoon start her own blog, and see where it leads.

Jenna said...

Hmmm. Well, I'm about to let the Prime Geek guest write a post he's had simmering in the back of his brain pan for a bit on my blog... but as that's just a once in a while things (and frankly, I get editing approval!) I would have to go with what has been said. A blog of her own with links to each others on each might be the way to go.

doubletrouble said...

Sounds fine w/me. I mean,
What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Babs RN said...

Strings, most important thing to remember - it's your blog to do with as you wish. You can have the man on the moon guest post if you want to. Doesn't hurt a thing in this world.