26 June 2010

EPIC Douchebaggery

OK... I caught this over at Armed Polite Society. Talk about the epitomy of "douchebag". Basic story:

Guy posts on a car forum that "his girl" is complaining about him buying mods for "his" car. Forgets to log off said forum, and she finds the post. Hilarity ensues... >:)

Some of the highlight posts to check:

#44 (p2): Where "Rachel" posts an open letter to "Billy", using his account

#118 (p3): "Billy" complains about "being made a laughing stock" (never mind he made the original post)

#125 (p4): One of the Mods (apparantly fairly mild-mannered) calls the guy out as a tool

#138 (p4): One of the commentators posts one of the best examples of self-inflicted insults ever seen

#332 (p9): "Billy" digs his hole a little deeper

I think that's enough for now: not going to go through all 114 pages of stuff.

But I figured I'd do my little bit to spread this one far and wide... >:)

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