29 January 2010

Wisconsin politics

I still haven't forgotten that I need to post pics from National. Drama has been slowing that down: they'll be done this weekend...


So... while trying to relax from today's drama (I just wanted to enjoy my anniversary), I read this over at Boots and Sabres.

I have to agree with Owen: we need a part-time legislature. Maybe, I should revive my thoughts on running for assembly, with that as one of the planks?

I'll be honest: I start thinking about it every couple of years. Then I remember all the BS I've seen in our Puzzle Factory, and all the time wasted by the clowns we have there. And I realize I just do NOT have the temperament to deal with 'em.


Not gonna touch Obama's STFU (excuse me, SotU) Address. Would rather deal with perps trying to explain away their transgressions: they're more believable...


And another from B&S: Wisconsin is getting money for high-speed rail between Milwaukee and Madison.

Great: so my tax dollar are going to make life easier for liberals to go from one stronghold to another. And there was much rejoicing (yay).

Don't get me wrong: there are times and places where mass transit makes sense to me. Hell, there've been times I've been tempted to use the train to go to National (driving has been more cost effective, so that's been the choice). However, like any business (to my mind), cost and benefits have to be weighed.

San Diego (when I was stationed there) had a fairly effective and useful mass transit system. The trolley went most of the places that folks needed to get to, and the buses took up the slack for those places the trolley didn't hit. Worked out great (for the most part).

Here in WI, there just isn't that much infrastructure. Manitowoc has a bus line, but it's usually empty. Which makes me wonder: who's paying for these buses to drive around? Fuel, maintenance, and the drivers all have to be paid for, but I don't see how the few folks actually riding are making that happen.

Yes... as Owen pointed out, building a rail line will create jobs... in the short term. But eventually, that service has to be paid for. Personally, I don't like the idea of even more tax dollars going to subsidize a system that only benefits a handful of people.

Oh, yeah... that's how MOST government programs work. Silly me!

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Sabra said...

San Antonio has a great public transportation system; busses go almost everywhere in the city (as well as out to a handful of suburbs). Unfortunately, ridership is mainly a class thing--usually, the only people who ride the bus are those who have no other choice. I fall into that, given that right now I live so far out it takes at least an hour and three busses to get almost anywhere.

The Powers That Be are discussing installing light rail and/or rail-bound streetcars (we currently have trolleys). Given how often bus routes are changed--merged, added, or done away with altogether--to meet the needs of the ridership, you'd think the folly of rail traffic would be readily obvious...