11 January 2010

Beauty Standards

Holly over at the Pervocracy has a brilliant post up about beauty standards. Go, read: it's worth it.

I have a friend who could REALLY learn from this. He's a bigger guy, low self esteem, who will only chase after lithe lil' hotties. He's also always been chronically short on dates: the combination of "oversize" with "low self esteem" doesn't seem all that attractive to women, for some reason...

I've always laughed at folks who ask about "my type". Personally, my head always turns most with athletically built women (slender, small chest, LONG legs). And I've always had a thing for redheads. Usually end up with blondes, who are more on the "stacked" side (go figure).

Folks, "attractiveness" is more a function of chemistry between two people. Get caught up in the packaging, and you'll loose out: trust me on this...

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Sabra said...

It turns out I am my boyfriend's type--short, with long, dark hair.

On the surface, he is not much my type physically. I've always gone for stocky blonds, & he is a scrawny brunet. In truth, though, I think I'd be attracted to the man if he looked like Quasimodo--this is a function of my introduction to him being introduced to him through his blog. Musically, politically, spiritually...we click on all those levels, and the physical attraction was probably locked in because of it.

(Not that I'm dissing that physical bit, mind you. It's a fine initial attractant.)