20 January 2010

BACA International 2010: Aftermath

It's been pointed out that I missed a couple days. Sorry 'bout that.

Saturday night got a lil' foggy. I FINALLY got to be at the banquet: usually working security, last year was passed out. Was much fun, sitting with my little big brother Stinky.

One of these years, I'll remember to actually USE my camera during the conference. Right now, I have to spend some time on facebook, looking for pics to show y'all.

A great deal of fun was had by Spoon and I, as well as a bunch of fun. Some changes were made to policy, bringing us together as one BACA.

The drive home, predictably, sucked. It's always a bit of a let-down, leaving: especially since some of our brothers and sisters were still gonna be there. Next year, we're pulling a couple extra days...

Give me some time to find pics, and I'll get 'em up...

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