29 October 2009

Score one for common decency!

Caught this on a kilt-wearer's board, and thought y'all might enjoy it. Original thread is here.

Last week I walked into the local Market that I grocery shop at. I'm on friendly speaking terms with the folks that work there, never miss a chance to flirt with the checkout girls, or give the guys some teasing...

Anyway, so I walk in. There's a young woman near the front of the store, oblivious to everything, yammering at the top of her lungs on her cell phone. You've seen people like this on the street, in stores, and generally around. They are so wrapped up in their terribly important telephone conversation (they probably had another one, upon which the fate of the world rests, five minutes ago) that they're totally unaware of their surroundings.

So I walk in, wearing boots, camouflage kilt, t-shirt and so on. I was sweaty from a throwing workout. I grab a shopping cart and pass her. About fifteen feet down the aisle I hear her say....and you can just imagine the tone...

Oh My God, a guy in a skirt just walked in here! That is so ****!!

insert word that starts with "g" that we don't use on this forum, into the space where I left the ***.

So I stopped, put my glasses in my cart and walked over to her. I gently, but firmly removed the phone from her ear, held it up to my face and said ... ***"Oh My God, there's a really nasty girl here in the grocery store. She is so RUDE!"***

...and then I handed the phone back to her and went on with my shopping. I have no idea what she did after I handed her phone back to her, but you know, I'm totally OK with that. I noticed that the checker, name of Kim, was laughing her head off as I turned away, though...

Even if you don't wear a kilt, tell me you've never wanted to do something like this!

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