19 October 2009

Sad news, and a bleg

A few days ago, I lost a brother.

Patch, from the Bear River chapter in Utah, was injured in a motorcycle accident on 09 Oct, passing away the following day.

Now usually, when a member passes, the Nation is informed and messages of condolence sent. This time, someone has created a website to solicit such messages, with the intent that his wife Sara should receive a letter every day.

From the website:

Letters to Sara are words of love, friendship, sincerity, sympathy, encouragement and compassion.

The purpose of the project is to spread our love and support over time. One letter to Sara will be mailed out every day. The more letters we get - the more time we will cover. I'm hoping to get at least 365 letters - enough for at least one year's time.

So here's the bleg. I'm asking that this get sent far and wide.

Here's the website. Please take a minute, and write your own letter to Sara. If you have a blog, post a link.

So many of my readers have commented on how wonderful you think what we do in BACA is. Now, someone in BACA needs two minutes of your time.

This won't make her pain go away. But at least it might help ease it a bit.

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Me, Myself and I said...

Thank you for posting about this!

"Letters to Sara"