08 May 2014

Veterens' Day Essay

So... a good friend's 11 year old daughter recently won a contest for essay she wrote about "what Veterans' Day means to me". Occurs to me that y'all might like to give it a read.


What Veteran's Day Means to Me
By: Alexandria Kifer

Veteran's Day is a time to remember the heroic men and women who faithfully and courageously served our country and to whom we owe our precious lives.
Today is cold, I can hear the stormy wind singing its sad song, but I feel proud and calm.  In my hands is an envelope with the name of a courageous and valiant veteran on it.  He was on a mission in Vietnam, fighting the enemy, when his aircraft was shot down.  The damage to his plane was beyond repair.  Many of his crewmen were killed or wounded, but he survived.
I try to envision his pain.  War is bloody, cruel, and haunting.  He encountered death many times, but survived its deadly jaws.  He had a dream that one day there would be peace for every child, man, and woman in the world.  I would like to give this brave and heroic veteran a gift from my heart.  I would like to thank him and all veterans for the heroic and courageous sacrifices they made to preserve our priceless freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Our veterans are wise, courageous, generous and heroic men and women whose love and unselfish service to our country are an inspirations to all of us.  Their sacrifices and bravery made this great country of ours, the land of the Free, and the home of the Brave.

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