10 May 2014

The International 100 Mile Ride

Hey folks!

So it's that time of year again: we'll soon be doing the 100 Mile Ride for BACA. I had a goal this year: $200. Unfortunately, I'm currently going to be a bit short of that. So I'm going to up the stakes a bit.

If friends on Face Book (and the couple readers I have here) donate enough to push me over the $200 line, I'll be listing all the "out there" colors of hair dye available at my local Sally Beauty Supply. Folks will have one week to vote: the winner is the color I'll dye my head (and post pics of the result, here and on FB)

Hit me up at baca.strings@gmail.com. I do have a paypal acct (under a different addy), if that works better than sending a check. And remember: all proceeds go towards helping abused kids!

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