06 September 2012

Religious shenanigans

So, I just realized that I'm tired of hearing about religion on Facespace. Seems like once an hour, I'm either having an Atheist(1) challenge me to "prove the existence of my invisible friend", or someone else wanting me to repost "if Jesus is welcome in your house"(2)

Folks, this is one of the major problems we're having in our country: y'all are taking that stuff WAY too seriously. Not everyone in the world has to have the same views as you do. And some people (most of them) who have differing views from you are not complete morons. Nor do they want to hear constantly about how they're doomed to Hellfire.

Worship a kumquat for all I care: if it gives you solace/happiness/whatever, knock yourself out. But do you HAVE to broadcast your faith to the world?

(1) I always try to capitalize the name of any religion. And, at this point, Atheism qualifies

(2) Jesus is perfectly welcome in my house. Like any other visitor, He's expected to say "thank you for dinner", and haul Himself out the door when the evening is done. A short stay is even ok, but rent gets charged after one week. Privateer policy


Mikael said...

Atheism is not a religion, it's a stance on a single question. Do you believe in the existance of a god. It's a religion like off is a TV channel or bald is a hair colour.

The new atheist movement(anti-theism) is in many ways a response to religious attacks on education, science, and of course life, freedom, rights, etc.

Mikael said...
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Strings said...


At the level some of these folks run, it might as well be a religion.

"Anti-theism" might be a better term, and more descriptive. But these folks self-identify as "atheist", so I use their term.