18 April 2012

Insomnia=Return of Humpday Hardware

Ok, let’s get back in the swing of things by goin’ cowboy again…

This is one of the prizes of the Privateer’s arms locker: a Winchester Model 1887, produced (assuming I looked it up properly) pre1890.

When Spoon and I were first involved in cowboy shooting, I noticed that this model was listed as a “legal” shotgun, although I had never seen one (outside of T2). Finally got a chance to handle one at a match, and absolutely fell in love…

Of course, actually finding one for sale took a bit more time. Finally managed it a couple hours away, and stumbled on it: they didn’t know what it actually was, having it marked as a rifle (I THINK it was as an 1885). Had ‘em bring it down, looked it over, and handed them my plastic: then had to find the SN for them.

She was in slightly rougher shape: looked like a previous owner was grinding the muzzle on concrete. Figured that as I was only going to use her for CAS, I had the BBL shortened slightly. The smith smiled at me when he checked the action: said it was one of the tightest ’87 actions he’d ever encountered, and the $1K I paid was a steal.

Since then, I’ve not only shot CAS with it, but both trap and sporting clays. Not exactly the best gun for those tasks, but it preforms admirably. Despite the fact that it’s older than the combined ages of the entire squad on the line…

One note: the “tack cross” was there when I got it. Would LOVE to know the story behind it (which is one of the things I love about old guns like this).

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