06 December 2011

Recoil therepy

So Spoon and I decided to hit a (somewhat) nearby indoor range last night, to try and distract ourselves a bit. Best idea ever.

Didn't take too much with us: mom's Mustang, Spoon's Kimber, dad's Ortgie, and one of the pocket .32's.

She did fairly well with her Kimber, but we REALLY need to replace the magazines.

Dad's Ortgie has issues, but that's ok: it'll never be used as a carry piece again. Actually, it'll be passed on as a gift to someone who'll truly appreciate it.

The pocket .32, I'm kinda pissed about. Need to replace the mainspring: a full cylinder of light strikes tells me that. Or maybe the hammer.

The new surprise was Spoon with the Mustang. Only went out to 10 yards, but kept every group at the range under 8 inches. To me, that's good enough for a pocket pistol: she's gonna be taking it as her new carry piece. I think mom would approve.

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