07 December 2011

Humpday Hardware: is that a pistol in your pocket?

Let's continue the cowboy theme for a bit...

One of the other things that was fun in CAS were the side matches: derringer matches, long range rifle, and pocket pistol.

Since my persona was a gambler, the pocket pistol matches intrigued me. So I set out acquiring the needed equipment. This is NOT as easy as it sounds.

My first attempt was the pictured H&R. Now granted, I picked it up for a song (think I paid $50 for it), but I made a serious mistake: I didn't check the lockup. Even with the trigger pulled (at which point, the cylinder shouldn't wobble at all), there's a good 2mm of play. Should only require replacing one part, but Gander Mountain doesn't generally stock parts for obsolete pocket .32s...

So we continue on the search, moving forward to the year before last.

I had gone to a local funshow with a young friend and his mother: she wanted to buy him his first centerfire rifle, and asked me to tag along and help him find a good deal. While browsing the tables, I spied this:

That would be an Iver Johnson version of the same pistol (both based on the S&W pocket pistols). And again, offered for a song (I had $100 on me, it was marked at $150. He took the Franklin). And this time, I had learned my lesson: lockup was checked before discussing price, and it locks up like the frame and cylinder are one piece.

Haven't gotten a chance to fire either yet, but hopefully my next range trip I'll bring the Iver J along to test. Here they are with my EDS:

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