19 November 2010

Returning to some regularly scheduled posting...

Just went through some of my old posts, and bringing back some things that I've let fall by the wayside...


Humpday Hardware returns next week. Probably won't be a weekly feature (I only have so much hardware), but I'm going to continue through the Privateer's arms locker.


Gonna cheat a bit for the other "return": Going to go ahead and (like I said I would) steal my brother SOB's "Nostradumbass Award". This SHOULD be a weekly (being posted sometime Friday). This week's took a bit, but only because I already stated that I refuse to cover the TSA's stupidity.

Take a read here. Basic facts of the case:

Off-duty cop in his cruiser, and on his way to a second job, does 26 mph over the posted speed limit. Hits a 12 year old boy, leaving him a quadriplegic in need of constant medical care. Sentence? $185 fine for speeding...

Oddly though, the cop is NOT the Nostradumbass: we've all seen stories of cops doing REALLY stupid (and illegal) things. No shock there.

No... I'm looking at the judge, who had the audacity to declare that this officer wasn't responsible for the child being paralyzed.

Some on the 'net have argued that he wasn't responsible. However, if he hadn't been going almost twice the posted limit, this (most likely) wouldn't have happened. Instead of the non-story of a child crossing the street, we have a story of a child who's life is ruined... and a cop getting a slap on the wrist.

So, Montgomery County District Court judge Whomever (they don't list his Dishonour's name), congratulations! You've just helped perpetuate the "Us v. Them" mentality so many are feeling in our country. And thereby gotten yourself declared this week's Nostradumbass!


Oh... want to learn more about the "Thin Blue Line" thing? Check out this post over at Matt G's place. That's one peace officer I can have respect for!

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