16 October 2010

Is Yule coming early?

So I caught a link to this on APS just now...

Oh, boy. Talk about an interesting situation!

The relevant part:

Thank God for the Madison police. Apparently unbeknownst to them, another concealed carry case (Wisconsin v. Joshua D. Schultz) as working it’s way through the court system in Clark county which challenged Wis. Stat. 941.23 as unconstitutional. When the Madison police retrospectively issued disorderly conduct charges against what has become known as “The Madison Five” for patronizing Culvers while lawfully armed, they really proved Schultz’s case for him. Police powers were being used for the mildest of reasons (someone was “disturbed” by just the sight of a gun) to destroy a persons constitutionally protected right. Today, Wis. Stat. 941.23 was ruled unconstitutional.

It's only applicable to Clark County (for now). But it gives precedent for the rest of the state...

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