11 October 2010


Ok... we've all seen the reports on the rash of teen suicides currently cropping up. most of which are being blamed on "bullies".

Now, I remember my school years, without any fondness. But it seems we're hearing more and more about how terrible kids are treating each-other, and the suicides that result.

So I have a question: are bullies today really that much worse than previous generations? Or are today's kids thinner skinned? Maybe a little of both?

I imagine the pervasion of "social networking tools" makes it easier for kids to torment each-other, but there almost has to be more to it than that...


Sabra said...

Honestly? I think it's mostly our 24-hour news cycle. They've got to put something on TV.

I think a small part of it is more awareness of the issue, and a greater willingness to talk about it too.

Argh, you're going to have me blogging on the subject now; I've got far too much to say to put it in a comment.

Mikael said...

Definitely some of both, the bullies certainly have more tools to make life hell for their victims, but also kids are being treated like precious little flowers, not told "don't get mad son, get even".