26 September 2010

More poems

As promised, another set of poems by one of our BACA kids.


Quick Sand
Standing in quick sand
Sinking faster and faster
As I struggle to get free
You sit there and watch me
Laughing and pointing in my face
You see that I am scared
But that does not bother you
It's like you want to see me
Being tortured
Being filled with pain
And never being able to escape
Slowly getting closer to my death
And when I finally give up
You act like you are going to help me out
But you just pull me up a little
So you can see me go through the pain
All over again
Standing in quick sand
Sinking faster and faster

Never Ending
Hidden in the darkness
Always in the shadow
And when there is light
I enter to flames
Burning sand
Having no relief
Having no time to think
And to get rid of the heat
I walk right back to the shadow
Where I am alone
No one to comfort me
No one to understand
Just me
Starting the pain all over again


Last one for today is rather... harsh. So we're gonna separate it. Do NOT read this with anything breakable nearby, or if you're at all squeamish. You've been warned...

Every Night
Laying there, knowing what is going to happen
A man walks in
Someone you thought you knew
Sits on your bed and starts up your leg
You begin to breath heavy
Your heart starts to pound
He slowly undresses himself
Smiling, knowing no one is there to stop him
He crawls over your head
And says “open up”
Forcing your mouth open
He picks up your head
Moving his hips back and forth
Making it seem as if you are choking
Your jaw hurts as does your throat
Your eyes start to water
As he wipes the tears away he pushes your head down
Meanwhile taking your shirt off
Then slowly removing your pants
“You’re tight; we need to get you wet.”
He says as he starts kissing you in an area that already hurts
It feels as if he uses sand paper
How does any one enjoy this you think to your self
When he says he had his fill
You know what’s coming next
He starts kissing your stomach
And moves up to your breast, then your lips
He spreads open your legs
While laying on top of you
You feel this hard push
You want to scream because of the pain
But you can’t with his hand over your mouth
“I can’t wait to be a dad” he says
“Your mom can’t give me a child so I’ll take one from you.”
The thing is the he doesn’t know
There is already a baby inside of you
The pain is so unbearable you start to pass out
But he smacks your face
While you silently cry
He finishes what he planed on doing
Stands up, smiles as he gets dressed and goes to bed
As you lay therein more pain then any one knows
Feels like some one is stabbing you repeatedly
You slowly walk to the bathroom and clean yourself off
You get sick like every other night
You go back to your room and cry yourself to sleep
Knowing it is going to happen tomorrow
You soon become numb to everything
The man no longer gets the tears
You no longer suffer the pain
You’re so use to everything
You can’t see it ever changing
It will never end
The constant burden
Will there ever be peace for you
Is there a way out
Until you find it
This man keeps walking in
You still feel everything
You still see everything
You still hear everything

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