11 July 2010

... but where are my flying cars?

So... Spoon and I were out and about today, just sort of spending time together. And I noticed something interesting...

We were looking over the Barnes & Noble Nook (their version of the Kindle), and I got to thinking about the difference 38 years makes.

When I was born, phones were mounted to the wall. Books were on paper. Portable music was a transistor radio. Showing people your vacation photos meant handing them a big album. And, if you needed a shopping list at the store, you had a piece of paper in your hand.

Now, the phone is attached to your belt, and includes; internet access, GPS, memos, and a few hundred other possibilities. You can easily have a few HUNDRED books in your pocket. Your other pocket has a small box with more music than the local radio station (plus other things it can do). Every picture you own can be on either of the above devices, ready to be inflicted on whomever you come across. And your shopping list is probably on one of those devices too.

All those "personal" things, in a couple small packages that fit in your pocket. And those are advancements that took less than 40 years.

What the Hell are the next 40 gonna bring? What kinda "they didn't have that when *I* was a kid" stuff am I going to see hit before I finally shuffle off?

and where the HELL is my flying car, or personal jetpack? And my phaser... they seem to have forgotten that!

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