18 November 2009


Just remembered... I haz a blog! And people sometimes read it!


So... 'bout two weeks ago, we had a visitor board the Privateer. Hence the title.

Squeaker needed someone to watch her boy (who is now, officially, "Warhorn": small, but VERY loud). Thought y'all might get a kick out of the child.

His "Yes, I's sleeping, Unca Strings" pose: something that was VERY welcome:

And my favorite: "Power to the (Small) People!". He held this pose for about an hour: I can only imagine that he was dreaming of leading the Lost Babies to the Land of Plentiful Boobies...

And yes, Unca Strings changed that Horror of all Horrors, the Poopy Diaper. Honestly, some folks who go on about this torture need to grow a pair.

All in all, a good way to spend a couple days: he behaved, got a BIG smile when he saw the swords, bigger smile when he saw the rifle rack.

Actually looking forward to doing it again (and REALLY looking forward to him being old enough to take to the range)...


Regular posting resuming (now that I'm not working my balls off). There'll even be another Humpday Hardware posted later today (HONEST!). Something Far Eastern again...

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