09 September 2009

Hey... what's today?

Verbatim conversation:

Me: "Hey... is today Wednesday?"

Spoon: "Yeah... for another couple hours yet"

Me: "Shit!" *grabs her Kimber from the nightstand*

Me: "You! Take gun... go stand over there! Point it at the evil mandolin!"

Spoon: "Can I put a bra on?"

Me: "No"

Spoon: "Can I at least brush out my hair?"

Me: "NO! have to get the pic for Humpday Hardware! Go... aim at the wouldbe rapist mandolin!"

Spoon: "sigh"


Contrary to what you might think, this is NOT her first (nor only) handgun. Her first was a USP Compact, that she ended up not really liking. It ended up being "sold" to a friend that owned a coffee shop.

This one, we got off Guns America. Only thing *I* don't like about it is the full length guide rod: to me, that's a sin.

Point of interest: this piece is the one that most women seem to gravitate to (until they see the Automag). And everyone claims it's grip is slimmer than my Colt, although I can't see a difference.

She's happy with it though. And not all that bad with it either: she tends to develop a flinch if she hasn't been on the range in awhile, but it's only enough to lower her POI roughly 12". Since she aims center mas, I'm fine with that "miss".

Here's a better shot of it:


Next week, Spoon goes cowboy!

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