25 September 2009

Blu update

OK... been using the e cigs for close to three weeks now. Things I've noticed:

-NO "smokers cough". It's very rarely I start coughing any more

-no ash or burns on clothing. This ised to be a bit of a problem (Spoon was always joking about me "making an ash of myself". Not anymore)

-My sense of smell is returning. Point of fact, I have to smoke a regular cigarette if I'm going to be around smokers, so I don't smell them.

-My tongue's turning black. Yes, this is a downside: gonna check, and make sure it isn't just the atomizer going bad. And I'm willing to deal with a black tongue for the benefits compared to a regular cigarette...

-These things last forever. Right now, I'm running about 1 a day

If I notice anything else that becomes a problem, I'll let y'all know...

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