19 August 2009

Return of Humpday Hardware (Far East segment)

As promised: Humpday Hardware: Far East!

Now, like many other folks with sharp things in their collection of Ways to Damage Humanity, I used to have LOTS of "eastern toys". Now, the long blade portion of the arms locker only contains 2 visitors from the East: these two have been with me for awhile now.


On top, is a Noble Collection tachi. I've always loved the design of the tachi, even moreso then that of the traditional katana. It just seems to flow in the hands, making draw cuts easier and even more western style slashes simple...

Here's a little bot of historical info.

I picked her up shortly after leaving the Navy. Point of fact, she was a gift from mom...

Of course, Samurai Cat Kage had to get in on the pics...


The bottom of the two is something of an abortion: a piece that was rebuilt by the brother of a friend, and sold to me because he needed cash. Fairly typical cheap katana blade, with a completely home made hilt and scabbard. But it IS a nice piece for practicing live, and the long hilt suits me.

Again, with Kage...


That's it for this installment. Next week, I'll either wander into the Long Guns, or maybe even discuss Spoon's methods of keeping me in line... ;)

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