17 August 2009

Just had to share this one

Yes, I know I was going to hold off posting until Wednesday. But this one is important.

Caught word of an app for the iPhone, that allows you to look up the locations of registered sexual predators in your area. Now, you CAN do this via the FBI's website, but that's not always easy on the fly. This app allows you to see, quickly and easily, those who are in your immediate area.

So I went and checked: it's not only available for the iPhone, but for the Crackberry, Wordpress and Facebook.

Needless to say, I've got it on my Crackberry now. Only cost $3, which I'd say is a bargain.

You can learn more about it here. I know I'll be making good use of this in the future!


SMP said...

Good for you! Not sure how long your version will work, though, as these companies seem to have trouble discerning the cost for profit instead of what it takes just to get the info out there in real time. That is the recent issue with the iPhone app.

California made it illegal to purchase the full version, which was $1.99, citing it is illegal to profit from the registry, which is free of charge. iTunes pulled the pay-for version due to this, but it is still available in a shortened version for free.

The lawyers for big industry don't see that they are not charging for the registry but for the APPLICATION to create and maintain it. If it was for profit, the charge would be far more than $1.99 or $3! And because the cost of maintaining the full version will no longer be allowed to be shared by users, we have to settle for the chopped version.

It makes you wonder just who California is rooting for. Considering the registered sex offender registry has long been a top controversy in California, tied in with gay rights (you figure that one out, I'm not getting into that debate), I suppose it's not a matter of why but when. When will the rest of this country stand against California and declare they do NOT make our government's laws for the rest of us! Sorry if that seems a bit off topic, it isn't.

California is the only state raising hell about this app, and they are the only state making public strides to dispose of the registry all together. Tied in with what happened to Miss California, one cannot help but wonder.

The App is very cool, though. The funniest part is how the predators are going nuts all over the message boards about it. They are freaking out and they are leaving all kinds of false comments on the application's review page about it not working and being inaccurate. It's like what channers tried to do with BACA Nation. Always great knowing our side has succeeded once again.

Strings said...

Well, California has always been kinda off in it's own lil' world.

SMP said...

I would join the bandwagon of wishers who pray CA will break off from the rest of the continent, but Sues of WFI lives there. Don't want to lose her LOL!

We lived in S.D. for 4 years. I never want to step foot in SoCal EVER AGAIN! Never been to N. Cali so I can't say much for it. I have friends from there, though. The typical vegan, everything is rainbows and butterflies as long as you deny all facts to the contrary types. Gotta love 'em, though. They balance the rest of us out, except when they do stupid stuff like this.

Asphyxiated Emancipation said...

I'd rather the registry were dropped altogether. Nationwide. Of course, I'd rather we not allow people out of prison whom we don't trust, too. So, if we can't kill the worthless scum, I guess we have to track them.

Strings, I haven't heard about the FBI database, only state registries. Got the url for that?

Strings said...

Ok, I misspoke: that's what I get for posting late.

It hooks into the state databases. KNEW something seemed off in what I was saying...

SMP said...

Asphyxiated Emancipation: Aside from my wondering why anyone would want to see the registry dropped, that website is http://www.fbi.gov/hq/cid/cac/registry.htm

The registry is run by the FBI with local law enforcement agencies aiding in updating it.

The registry has flaws but nothing people with common sense can't get around. I'd rather the registry stay but those in charge are given stricter guidelines of what constitutes a reasonable place on it.

Keep in mind, however, that all those comments you see on anti-registry or even pro-registry/anti-pedophile blogs about how the registry is bad because it endangers RSO's trying to change and that it includes people for public urination are 9 times out of 10 pedophiles and predators carrying out their efforts to destroy the registry's cred in an attempt to remove the requirements they have of making neighbors aware of their crimes and being forced to live a certain distance away from schools and playgrounds.

Once the registry is removed, child rapists, child molesters, and child pornographers will once again have all the freedoms of access to children that we DON'T want.

Unless you were saying we should exchange the registry for a bullet to the head. In which case I'd have to agree wholeheartedly.