29 June 2009

Sitting at my inlaws...

Ok... since we live in a lil' bitty apartment, I end up at my inlaws quite regularly (for things like laundry and suchlike). Dad actually lives here, too (have I mentioned that my inlaws rock?)...

So I'm sitting here, surfing the net and waiting for the latest load to be finished. Father-in-law is working on the new kitchen accoutrements (like completely new, hand made kitchen cabinets). This project also involves playing with the plumbing of the kitchen sink, which has resulted in LOTS of water on the floor. The last leak (as of a couple minutes ago) resulted in the following exchange:

FIL: "But I didn't think it would leak out of the hose"
MIL: "And THAT is why we have three children"

Followed closely by a bellow of "That better not make it on the blog!"

Who, me? Would *I* blog about something like that? >:)

1 comment:

Hammer said...

Haha! Sounds like my kind of folks.