09 March 2008


Ok, try this: type "methadone" into the search function of blogger. Read some of what you find.

Don't worry, I'll still be here. Go. Read.

Ok... got all that?

For those who need it Spoon fed: GuitarGirlRN posted something about a man on methadone, who was stealing stuff out of his ER room. In said post, she called the thief a "methadonian". And she's come under fire for it.

I didn't read ALL the comments, but here are a couple choice ones:

Chava: "Your description of your patient as a "Methadonian" is rude and perpetuates the stigma that patients on methadone have to live with each and every day of their lives"

Anonymous: "Methadone patients do NOT get a high or euphoria off their medication"

Enylear (posted as Anonymous): "And was it an emergency? Yeah, you walk a day in our shoes without a dise and then tell me it wasnt an emergency. It is very much an emergent situation when we arent able to get our prescribed dose. Where do you go for that?"

Just so y'all understand: my roomie Ray is on methadone for chronic back pain (as in, she has a fused fucking spine). I mentioned the term "methadonian" to her, and she giggled at it.

Regarding the "you can't get high": Ray was on a bigger dose at first. Barred from work for a week, while her system adjusted to this new chemical in her system. There were a couple times we caught her sitting there drooling on herself (literally). She cut her dose herself, because she didn't like "being high all the time".

Oh... Enylear? Ray goes without her dose quite often: we'll all be out, and she won't be able to take it (usually because she's forgotten her drugs). It's actually gotten to the point where I'll probably be carrying a couple doses for her. But she doesn't go screaming to the ER. She soldiers the fuck on, until she can get home (given the stuff we do with BACA, that might be a couple days).

Now, I know everyone's different, and reacts to different stimuli in different ways. But this bullshit of of jumping on someone for venting on their own fucking blog is just WAY too far out there.

What's next: someone going to jump me for expressing exasperation at mothers during the preliminary contact call and interview for BACA?

Get a life, people. If you don't like what someone says in their corner of the intarwebz, then don't fucking go there!


CrankyProf said...

Preach ON. I swear, people just have lost the whole common-sense notion of, "I don't like the views s/he espouses, so I won't go there."

Mark said...

It's the entitlement society coming to bite us on the patoot. These individuals evidently feel that since everyone else caters to them and thier wills to avoid being labeled as something they should be able to brow beat and harass a blogger posting on thier own blog.