21 March 2008

How can I help?

I get asked that question alot, when folks see my patch: "That's a great idea! How can i help out?". Of course, they usually don't stick around when they find out it's actual work.

Now, we have a way y'all can help a Chapter without doing much of anything.

1. Go to www.ktbs.com
2. Type in keyword "give" (upper right side of page)
3. Search the List of non-profits registered for the competition for "BACA, River Cities Chapter"
4. To "vote" for us, you just post a favorable comment about us.
5. The 5 charities with the most comments will be finalists and everyone will get to vote again, but only between these 5 charities.

Now, you have to register with their site, but it isn't all that difficult.

Here's the link direct to the river Cities Chapter entry. Go ahead, hit it, and hit it hard...

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