26 January 2007

State news: why DO I bother?

So... roomie comes wandering in to our library here, to give me the earth-shaking news that our goobernor has decided to raise the tax on a pack of smokes and extra dollar something, AND to try and ban smoking (I assume in public) all through Wisconsin.

Is it just me, or does this seem like cross purposes to anyone else?

Raising the "sin tax" is irritating enough, but now trying to ban my slow suicide in public? Ye gods, give us a rest awready! Aren't we social pariahs enough as is?

The moe I hear out of Madison, the better Texas looks...


Rabbit said...

Texas bumped up the tax on cigs and snuff Jan. 1. Smokes went up a buck a pack. Snuff was less- don't know exactly.

Come on down. It snowed hard all yesterday afternoon and again last night. It was all gone by 10 AM this morning. We honestly do have 4 seasons here, too- December, January, February and Hell.


ben (from texas) said...

You are welcome here but cigs cost almost 4 dollars a pack, and cities are doing the same with where u can smoke. If u like bars it will be ok though, and btw a dollar of that 4 dollars is to educate our kids. No one else was willing to pay for them I guess.