30 January 2007

Note to self (and ever'body else)

Ever have one of those "DOH!" moments? Where you realize, just before disaster strikes, that you should probably do things a touch differently?

Well... got a kitten for a friend from my roomie's parents: cute lil' guy, likes to cuddle. Since we didn't think having him run around with the rest of the menagerie was a good idea, we locked him in the upstairs bathroom for the night.

Want to find all the most inaccessable spots in a room? Hire a kitten! Lil' bugger managed to crawl under the vanity, which is only accessable from behind...

So... being a typical man, I start trying to figure out how to disassemble the damn thing, without it becoming a plumber's job. Hey... this lil' board at the front should be removable! And I've got my handy knife!


Lesson learned: Spyderco knives are NOT meant to be used as pry-bars. And the kitten? STILL under there: if he ain't out by thursday, I go in with tuna...

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Ambulance Driver said...

>>if he ain't out by thursday, I go in with tuna...<<

LOL... I had a hamster when I was a kid that could push the top off his cage with a cinder block sitting on it.

He'd make a sojourn through the house about once a month, and then he'd show back up after a few days of freedom, looking sleek and satisfied and much happier than when he was in the hamster habitat.

I don't know if it was the fresh air, or the mouse ass he was no doubt getting on the side, but he liked his freedom.