17 December 2014

Bloody Hell

I'll admit up front: I don't really follow the news anymore. It's mostly depressing "if it bleeds it leads" garbage, and sports figures. Neither of which really interest me in the slightest.

So... I come across this. If you haven't heard: Greenpeace members, during the UN climate talks in Peru, decided to add to the Nazca Lines by setting out fabric strips to spell out "Time for change! The future is renewable Greenpeace" next to the Hummingbird.

Cue instant rage

Seriously: had someone at the local brew house walked up and started talking about Greenpeace after I read that, I would be sitting in jail right now. There are some lines that simply should NOT be crossed. And this didn't cross them, it pole-vaulted them. Here's hoping the guilty parties are imprisoned until the damage they caused is gone

Edit: forgot the damn link!

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