22 October 2013

New Scoot

So... a friend has owed my some money for awhile. He recently lost his job, and had this basket case sitting in his garage.

Guess who now has a new chopper (some assembly required)?

This is a LONG term project: little bits done as I can afford to and have time. But I figured I would document it on here.

The final plan is for a celtic themed bike. The origin of that concept was this:

A friend brought the sword hilts back from Pennsic War, and said "maybe you can find a use for them". They'll be the grips (thinking of getting 4 more for foot pegs).

The horse head? That'll be the handle of the shift knob: this is going to be a right side suicide shift. That means I can keep the hand clutch up on the bars (so emergency reactions will remain the same for this bike)

And here's the frame. Was chopped in a different manner: they left the neck alone. Instead, they cut the downtubes, and welded in spacers (you can see the lines if you look REAL close)

The engine is a '76 Sporty. NOT complete, unfortunately: that's part of the reason it's gonna be a long term project

The green on the jugs is NOT staying. The rough plan is for the jugs and tins (that's the tank behind the engine) to be dark green, the crankcase and heads black. The frame (and a few other pieces) will be bedlinered

And here's the rest of the engine. Like I said: some assembly required, and not everything's there

 Some of the work that needs to be done? Building a girder front end. Fabricate the shift linkage. Get the engine rebuilt (which is what I'm working on first).

Bags are going to be made custom: more on those when I actually get to that point 

As I get things done, I'll post updates

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