28 March 2013

The poiwer of personality

So this story was related to me a couple weeks ago. Thought it was funny as hell.

Not sure how many are aware, but Chief (the founder of BACA) is friends with the members of Kansas. Well, they had a show in Florida the same weekend as our International Conference in Orlando. Meaning a couple lucky pukes from Australia (no, I'm not jealous. Why do you ask?) not only got to go for free, but also got backstage passes. Chief himself couldn't go, as there was a meeting the same time as the concert.

Since their friend couldn't be at their show, Kansas decided to join him in Orlando for breakfast. Which is where the story gets funny.

Aych & Kuhn, from our temp charter in LA Crosse, were in the restaurant. As they put it, they saw Chief sitting with "a group of older looking guys", and went over to say hi. They greeted Chief with hugs, waved at the rest, and headed for their table to sit down for their meal. Only realizing later that the rest of Chief's companions were the members of Kansas.

Says something about your importance in a group, when your presence outshines that of actual rock stars. But that's my brother Chief  for you

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