22 February 2012

Politics... BAH, HUMBUG

So, I'm sure most people are just as tired of the Republican Primary Season as I am.

Seriously: are they in a competition to see just how badly they can fail?

Anyway, this post over at Atomic Nerds got me thinking: what would I want in a candidate? If I could build a candidate for office the way I would an AR, what features would I want?


- No religion. Leave it at home, I don't care to hear about it. Don't recall ever seeing a spot on an employment application asking about my faith, so I don't want to know about yours.

- Knowledge of basic civics. Such as knowing the Bill of Rights, and that it means the government "may not". Bonus points for not agreeing with something (such as gun ownership), but defending it as being enumerated

- Stop trying to avoid "scandals". Seriously, that was one thing Obama did that I appreciated (and that Clinton seriously messed up). Prefer someone who will own their mistakes to someone who tries to excuse them

- Actually admit to not knowing something at some point. Seriously folks: nobody is an expert on everything. Would be refreshing to have a candidate answer a question "Honestly, I'm not sure what to tell you on that. I'll have to do some research on the topic..."

How about y'all: what do YOU want to see in a candidate?

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