19 March 2010


Folks that know me in meatspace, know that I have a small problem with my teeth. Namely, they're dying...

Partly it's bad genetics: both mom and dad had bad teeth too. Partly it's poor dental hygiene: I never picked up good habits on brushing (and after a certain point, it just hurt too much). And lastly, it's a failure of dentistry: I have gone through so many dentists that just would NOT listen...

After getting jumped in the Navy, the doc in charge of my facial reconstruction told me "no dental work for a year". Had to threaten a Courts Martial to get the ships dentist to back off on that one.

Next dentist I saw, I told him up front: pull the damn things. He ignored that: "oh no... we can fix them!". Which lasted right up to my last visit, where he looked at me and said "you were right".

Of course, by that time I had lost the job where I got my dental bennies from. BIG help, doc!

Since then, I've just sort of plugged along: teeth would start hurting, I'd take some pain killers, pain would go away. Every couple years, a nasty abscess would start up, putting me down for a couple days. Which is what I'm dealing with right now...

But I'm tired of "just dealing with it". So Monday, I go to Aspen Dental, to see if they can fix my grill (read: remove the damn thing and replace it with new parts).

Wish me luck!

BTW: I'm going to ask for the teeth back. If anyone has kids that don't want to brush, email me: at the least, I can send some fairly graphic pictures to help your cause.

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