06 February 2010

Air Force Cadets get Pagan Worhip area...

... film at 11! :P

Caught this at Support Your Local Gunfighter. Nice to see that the Air Force is stepping up, and giving the pagans an outdoor location for their religious observances. Now, if the military could just step up and do the same... >:)

On a serious note: SYLG commenter RT made the statement "Much of what is in the Wiccan beliefs and in Paganism is actually Satanic. Plain and simple. I’ve lived both lives. I know this to be true."

Now, I don't know RT, and I get the impression that he might be using a bit of snark here. But I've run into this attitude several times before, without ever getting a decent explanation. Could somebody please enlighten me?

And I'll be kinda weighing in on the DADT thing in a post later today...

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Sabra said...

Gotta admit that's a new one on me. Granted, I don't know any Satanists, but I've known a good many Pagans and they're, well, pretty much the same spread of folks you get in any other religion. Some pious, some venal, most middle-of-the-road. As I recall, Satanism in its modern incarnation is basically self-worship. I don't doubt there are some pagans who could qualify under that definition, but, again, the same could be said of any religion.