03 April 2008

And now, we let damnation begin

Everybody recovered from their April Fool's Day?

Good. I'm sure the damage was fun to fix.

April 1st has been "problematic" for a couple years now. This year, I've gone from planning the "Weekend from Hell" to dealing with the "Month from Hell". Let's see what's going on:

05 April: our Second Annual Child Abuse Awareness Month Kick-off Party. Which, since others had problems, *I* got to do all the organizing for...

16&17 April: we have a court case with two of our kids. Not only have to organize MY people, but I'm organizing folks from out of state

26 April: that's the 100 Mile Ride, as required by BACA National.

26 April: Family Fun Day at the zoo, in conjunction with DHS.

26 & 27 April: the Ant Hill Mob Bike Show.

On top of all this stuff, the magazine I'm working for has their first issue due out in May. Meaning I'm gonna be bustin' my hump this month, without much to show for it (I work on commission, and not many businesses want to buy advertising in a magazine that isn't out yet).

Anyone I can talk into putting me out of their misery?


In other news: Spoon's cat pulled through the surgery just fine. However, he's got this HUGE incision on his side, which means we have to be extra careful of him. Which resulted in me being told, as I typed the above: "Love is letting your cat hork on your crotch, and not knocking him to the floor". Odd... I don't think she'd let ME do that...

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