20 November 2023

cast of character

Occurs to me I should give y'all the cast of characters at the parts counter...

First off, we have Jess. Lovely girl, several kids, very knowledgeable. She's the leader if our merry band (store GM).

Then there's Abe. Commercial manager, and kinda Jess' right hand. Mexican guy, expert on detailing, and my direct boss. Good guy

Two more managers, Jordan and Alex. Both younger guys, and knowledgeable. Alex is multilingual (and has saved me more than once), Jordan is a gun nut. 

Then the peons. There's the other driver, Kaw Liga. Dale, the resident Old Guy. Phoebe, whose father works at a sister store. And myself.

Not gonna mention the couple weekend guys, as I don't work with them.

There... y'all have the cast for TftPC

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