26 June 2010

I'll take "What the Hell" for $100, Alex

So, via Tam we find this gem.

Gotta admit, I find the video humorous.

The folks at the Firearms Blog say they don't know what's being advocated, but I think I can see it: getting involved in being proactive for your child's safety. Which IS a nice message. However, I think (if we had kids), I'd like my wife to be able to back up her participation in the AmberWatchAlert.org with her fine lil' Kimber...

Having an alert system for missing children is good. Having would-be abductors know that mothers are likely to shoot them (and get away with it) is even better.

EPIC Douchebaggery

OK... I caught this over at Armed Polite Society. Talk about the epitomy of "douchebag". Basic story:

Guy posts on a car forum that "his girl" is complaining about him buying mods for "his" car. Forgets to log off said forum, and she finds the post. Hilarity ensues... >:)

Some of the highlight posts to check:

#44 (p2): Where "Rachel" posts an open letter to "Billy", using his account

#118 (p3): "Billy" complains about "being made a laughing stock" (never mind he made the original post)

#125 (p4): One of the Mods (apparantly fairly mild-mannered) calls the guy out as a tool

#138 (p4): One of the commentators posts one of the best examples of self-inflicted insults ever seen

#332 (p9): "Billy" digs his hole a little deeper

I think that's enough for now: not going to go through all 114 pages of stuff.

But I figured I'd do my little bit to spread this one far and wide... >:)

23 June 2010

Weren't we here before?

I'm not going to check, but I seem to recall starting this thing in part to deal with my father returning in ill-health.

Unfortunately, his health is now getting worse.

Which would bother me MUCH more if it wasn't, in part, his own doing. He KNEW going back to Thailand would be bad (higher humidity=harder to breath). He KNEW he shouldn't be smoking anymore (I even gave him my e cig, so he wouldn't be taking in smoke: he stopped using it).

He's in the hospital (again). Honestly, I'm half tempted to tell them to keep him this time...


Oh, yeah... I'm baaaaaaack!